Used Mini Countryman Buyers Guide

The Mini Countryman first went on sale for the 2011 model year, so it is still a new addition to the used car market. It is also a pretty big departure from previous models that the firm have produced, because this is not only the first ever Sports Utility Vehicle sold under the famous Mini brand name, it is also the first 5-door model ever made by the company and to add to this list of firsts it is also the first car produced outside of England.

Because of this it is somewhat difficult to judge both the value of a used Mini Countryman and also what buyers should be looking out for when buying one of these vehicles on the used car market. As a car ages there will always be a set of common problems which are specific to that vehicle which will start to show up again and again on many different models. Also, when a car has been available on the used car market for a while the market prices will start to accurately reflect the demand that is out there for that specific model of car.

Because of these things there is a certain risk associated with buying a car like the Mini Countryman, which hasn’t been around for long, on the used car market. It is difficult to tell how reliable the vehicle will be and it is also difficult to tell how much the value of the vehicle will depreciate over the time that you own it.

But you can get some idea of these things by looking at other models from the same company. Both Mini and their new owners at BMW have a very strong reputation for producing engines with high levels of mechanical reliability. Because of that you should not expect a used Countryman car to cause you too many problems in this regard. It is also true that cars which have been well looked after have traditional sold well on the second hand car market, so the resale values for this car should not be uncommonly low.

It is important to remember that even if you are buying a car which is only a year or two old, you should still take the time to check it over carefully and to take any potential purchase on a proper test drive, covering a range of different driving conditions if possible, before you decide to make a purchase.