Buying a New Mini Countryman

The Countryman is the first ever Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and the first 5-door car produced by Mini. First unveiled in 2010 and first sold as a 2011 model year car, the countryman is squarely aimed at buyers who are attracted to the classic design and fun driving experience which have always been associated with this iconic British automotive brand, but who really need a more practical vehicle than the tiny Hatch models which the firm are best known for. The larger size which goes along with being an SUV car means that the countryman has more legroom for its driver and for the passengers, as well as more space inside the vehicle for storage. And with the introduction of a four-wheel drive option called ALL4 this car is also better able to deal with a wide range of different terrains.

Prices for a new Mini Countryman car begin at £16,445 for an entry level model and rise up to £24,600 for a top of the range car. Under the new insurance group ratings this model is classified under group 12 at the lower end, rising up to group 30 at the other end of the range. For buyers who are concerned about the environmental impact of their vehicle, as well as the tax implications which no go hand in hand with this, the firm’s new SUV car has CO2 emissions which range from 115g/km up to 180g/km depending on which model you choose.

A range of different models are available for this vehicle, and these will be familiar to fans of the Mini Hatch. The choice which you will be offered for a new Countryman is between One, One D, Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD.

At the bottom end of the range the Countryman One is fitted with a 1.6-litre engine which delivers a power of 98bhp or 90bhp with the One D 1.6-litre diesel engine. The Cooper models offer 121bhp for the petrol engine version or 112bhp for the Cooper D diesel engine model. Going up another level to the Cooper S the car is capable of delivering 184bhp with the petrol engine or 143bhp with the more frugal Cooper SD diesel engine.

When buying a Mini Countryman you will also be offered a choice of the two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive functionality. The new ALL4 four-wheel drive is available for all of the different models listed above, apart from the One D.