Advantages of a Mini Countryman Lease

The Mini Countryman is a truly unique vehicle. Not only is it a car produced by one of the most unique and iconic brand names in the world, famous for producing highly original vehicles which do not obey the common rules of car production, it is also the most unique car in the firm’s range. The Countryman model, which the first SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle ever produced by Mini, is a big departure from the brand’s previous models and even from the firm’s long established philosophy of producing tiny cars with distinctive and fun handling. The Countryman is longer, wider, and taller than any of its predecessors and is also the first to feature 5 doors.

Because this car is so unique, and because it was only brought onto the market for the first time in 2011, the lease option may be even more appealing for people who have decided that they would like to drive away a new Mini Countryman car. That is because choosing to take out a lease rather than buying your car outright for cash or taking out some kind of bank loan or financing deal means that you do not have to worry so much about things like reliability or resale values.

If you choose to take out a lease then you are basically choosing to hire your car over an extended period of tie rather than buying it. This hire period could be a year, two years or three years – it depends entirely on the specific contract which you choose to take out and there are lots of different options out there for you if you shop around and do a little bit of research (also research used caravans).

At the end of your lease contract you will hand back your car rather than keeping it. Because of this you will get lower monthly payments compared to a loan – which is one of the biggest advantages of this option for many people – but it also means that you do not have to worry about selling your used car before you get another one.

Because the Countryman has not been around for very long there is no way to tell how much the value of the vehicle will go down over time, and no way to tell how reliable it will turn out to be. Choosing to take out a lease rather than buying means that you do not have to worry about these things, which may well turn out to be a big plus for many prospective owners.