Other Mini Models - Mini Cooper S Review

The Mini Cooper-S is a three-door hatchback that sports the Mini Cooper look while delivering performance true to Mini-Cooper style. The 1.6 16v S Works handles similar to other Mini Coopers but it delivers a much better ride quality.

The Cooper S is a fun car to drive but buyers can purchase an aftermarket kit (John Cooper Works) that provides the Cooper-S with an additional 17bhp giving it extra zip. With the additional tuning kit the Mini-Cooper S delivers 200bhp and is as pleasing to drive as it is to look at.

The Cooper S comes with low profile tyres that provide plenty of grip and steering that provides plenty of feel. The Cooper delivers a firm ride but not so firm that it is uncomfortable to passengers. The Mini Cooper’s engine gets a little thrashy when revved hard but settles down at cruising speeds.

The Mini-S provides a comfortable cabin and a stylish layout. The Cooper S is a four seater, but rear seats should be reserved for smaller passengers. The cabin is well-designed with a nice blend of style and comfort.


The Mini Cooper S offers good value for money. Running costs for the S should be low and maintenance should be routine. The Cooper’s warranty is not affected by the addition of an approved tuning kit. Fuel consumption will vary depending on the buyer’s choice of kit, and resale values should remain high.

The Cooper-S provides adequate cabin space for front seat passengers with plenty of head and legroom for most, but the rear seats are much more limited and should be reserved for children or smaller passengers.

The S has a retro feel in the cabin with minor controls sporting toggle switches and the rev counter mounted on top of the steering column. The steering wheel adjusts for height. The Cooper’s instrumentation is clear and well laid out.

The Mini-Cooper S provides comfortable and supportive seats with plenty of space for front seat passengers to get comfortable. Rear passengers should be fine on short trips. The Cooper’s cabin is very pleasant and most passengers shouldn’t have any trouble getting comfortable.

Parking the Mini Cooper-S is a breeze thanks to the car’s small size and decent handling. The Cooper-S fits easily into even the smallest parking space with minimal fuss.


Life Style

The Mini S is built to BMW’s high standards. The Cooper provides a zippy ride and excellent handling; the ride is further enhanced with the addition of an aftermarket tuning kit. The Mini-Cooper S delivers a stiff ride but still manages to provide a good deal of passenger comfort.

The Mini-Cooper is not an ideal family car. It is much too small and has limited storage space. The Cooper-S would make a fun second car or commuter car. Limited boot space also makes it impractical for groceries and other larger family related items.

The Mini-Cooper S is not a likely first car. It will probably be too expensive for most first time buyers, but for those who can afford it the Cooper is easy enough to drive and park.

Early issues may have raised some concerns among buyers about the reliability of the Mini-Cooper S. The S is quality built to BMW standards. Reliability shouldn’t be an issue. The Cooper performs and handles well.

Security and Safety

The Mini Cooper S comes standard with a visible VIN plate, remote central locking, and an engine immobilizer. Dead bolts and a security alarm are offered as cost options.

The Cooper-S’s standard safety features include seatbelt tentioners, driver, passenger, and side airbags, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. Side-impact bars are also included as a standard safety feature.

The Finishing Touches

The Mini-Cooper S comes standard with a RDS radio and a unique fit radio. A CD changer and sat-nav system are offered as cost options. Hands-free phone devices are not available even on the options list.

The Cooper-S comes standard with alloy wheels, split-fold rear seats, electric mirrors and windows, leather seats and metallic paint are available as cost options. Other cost options include air conditioning and climate control, heated mirrors and an electric sunroof.


The Mini-Cooper S is a fun car to drive and buyers who opt for the S Works package will find that it is well worth the additional cost and will see their investment pay off in terms of performance. The Mini Cooper S provides excellent handling and comfort and although not loaded with equipment as standard the Cooper does boast a decent asking price.